About the Artist

Mary is a British artist living in SW France with her two basset hounds.

Fascinated by the effects of light and shade, she loves to interpret the many nuances of colour this creates.

Her inspiration comes from a million and one things - sometimes the smallest glint of light on the side of a vase, the first daffodil or a gorgeous landscape….

Her work is influenced by the works of Bonnard for his bold use of colour, Monet for his love of colour and his impressionistic style of painting and more recently the works of Hosotte and his love of cherry trees.

Mary uses a fairly loose, impressionist style in a bid to capture the freshness and spontaneity of her composition.

She says Acrylic is a wonderful medium for this as there are so many ways of using it to produce stunning and varied results, which add vibrancy and life to her work.

Mary was commissioned by Harrods to produce artwork for their Signature range and also by Center Parcs to produce artwork for their Woburn Forest project. She has exhibited widely in London at Gallery 54, Mayfair; Webb’s Gallery, Clapham; Kensington Church St Gallery; Chelsea Harbour Design Centre and numerous galleries around the UK.

Her paintings are also held in private collections both here and abroad.

SIRET No. 910 353 259 00013